How To Care For A Velvet Jacket

If you are thinking about investing in a mens velvet jacket or already own a velvet jacket and want to know how to care for it properly, here you’ll find guidance on how to look after a velvet jacket so that it always looks its best and most importantly, stands the test of time.

How to clean a velvet jacket

Velvet is an opulent fabric that can add interest and a hint of luxury to any outfit. Velvet formalwear is, however, often overlooked due to concerns about caring for this truly exquisite and sumptuous fabric.

Velvet jackets are typically dry-clean-only garments due to the delicate pile being difficult to clean. Some synthetic velvets can sometimes be washed at home, while velvets created from natural fibres such as cotton or silk should always be dry-cleaned. It is important always to check the care label on your jacket to see how your jacket should be properly cared for.

Do you own a velvet brush?
A great starting place when caring for your velvet jacket is to have a velvet brush on hand to keep it lint-free and tidy.


What is a velvet brush?
Velvet brushes are typically wooden-handled with medium bristles, and they keep the pile on your velvet jacket looking uniform. Velvet brushes are inexpensive and can be bought from pretty much anywhere. We recommend brushing your jacket with a velvet brush before and after wearing it to keep it neat.

At-home stain removal
Depending on the type of stain or mark on your velvet jacket, you can perform some at-home stain removal. If this is the route you’d like to take, we always recommend completing a patch test on a discrete area of your jacket to assess how your stain removal treatment will work and account for any unexpected results.


Four steps to removing stains from your velvet jacket at home
  1. Gently brush the affected area with a velvet brush.
  1. Use a clean, lightly dampened, lint-free cloth on the stain using gentle up and down motions. The key here is to be light-handed, as you don’t want to push the stain further into the pile.
  1. For more stubborn stains, you can mix half a teaspoon of washing-up liquid with lukewarm warm water to create an abundance of soap suds. Use the suds, not the water, to lightly dab the stain away with a clean cloth.
  1. Pat the wet area down with a dry, lint-free cloth before using your velvet brush to sweep the pile back into place.

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The dos and don'ts of caring for velvet jackets

If you want to keep your velvet jacket looking perfect, there are a few things to consider.

Avoid washing your velvet jacket at home.

You may think you can throw your velvet jacket in the washer after you’ve worn it to dance away the night. However, to keep your jacket looking in tip-top condition, we always recommend dry cleaning your velvet jacket through a reputable dry cleaning company.

This is because at-home washing could negatively affect the fabric and  the dye in your velvet jacket, which may run or fade in the washing machine.

Avoid using direct heat from an iron. Instead, use a steamer.

If your jacket is particularly creased, you can use a steamer to gently remove any deep folds and creases. Never reach for the iron, as the direct heat will scorch and damage your delicate jacket.

If you need to travel with your velvet jacket to a wedding, for example, and you don’t have a travel steamer to hand, you can also hang your jacket up in a steamy bathroom to help the creases to drop naturally.

We recommend taking a look at our previous article on correctly storing your suit if you are looking at the best ways to keep your velvet jacket crease free and ready to wear both at home and when travelling.

Velvet jackets are a fantastic option for anyone who wants to add a unique focal point to their look. They are also excellent for winter occasions as they are both stylish and warm.

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