How to Wear a Velvet Jacket


Men's Black Velvet Tuxedo Jacket

A velvet jacket is often considered a risky choice, even for style veterans. With a soft texture and a surface sheen that catches the light, it’s hard to know how to wear a velvet blazer. Is it too luxurious? Too much of a throwback? Can it be smart casual?

With some attention to detail, you can take advantage of velvet’s textured and tactile quality, and craft a range of elegant, chic looks. Once you know how to style a velvet jacket, there’s no question it should be a wardrobe staple.

Is velvet tacky?

Velvet is not tacky, but its soft texture has stumped some men, who opt to avoid velvet entirely. They sell themselves short.

By gradually introducing velvet into your wardrobe via accessories, you can build experience in using this distinctive texture. Velvet pocket squares, ties and cufflinks can all set off your more traditional look.

How to wear a velvet dinner jacket

Purple Velvet Dinner Jacket for Men's

Once you’re feeling confident, you can build a look around your velvet jacket:

The fit – A velvet jacket demands a good fit. Because velvet is so distinctive, it draws the eye to the fine details. Always go for a slim fit. Your blazer should neither swamp you, nor cling to you.

The colour - Unfortunately, you are (probably) not Daniel Craig. When it comes to your own blazer, rich and dark colours are the order of the day. As ever, black is classy and versatile, but more avant-garde colours like green and burgundy take the look one step further.

The look – Once worn, you might find your velvet jacket more versatile than expected. Whilst the traditional, smart tuxedo look is timeless, a pair of slim-cut jeans with a good pair of Chelsea boots says more ‘rock star’ than ‘secret agent’.

When to wear a velvet jacket

The velvet blazer is considered an alternative to the traditional tuxedo, but is more adaptable to other occasions, and can be dressed down quite easily.

  • A wedding - A bold choice, but one that fits in perfectly at an opulent, traditional venue. If the wedding is at an old manor house, full of dark wood and romantic lighting, you’ll be right at home in your velvet jacket.
  • The office – It’s not ’corporate’, but a good fit is a good fit. Pair it with a crisp white shirt and a complementary tie to show you mean business.
  • The night Out – you’ll be a cut above the rest by adding a velvet jacket to your evening outfit. Smart and slim jeans ground you in the casual, whilst the blazer elevates your shirt or tee.

What to wear with a velvet dinner jacket

The best advice we can offer when pairing a velvet dinner jacket is to let it do the work, and then keep the rest of the outfit simple and neutral. This red quilted velvet jacket is sure to turn heads, for example!


With a button-down shirt, choose a colour that won’t draw the eye too much from the velvet tones. A white shirt with black buttons plays off your dark blazer nicely.


For a casual look, a velvet jacket can sit nicely over a tee. Contrast dark and light colours, like a black quilted velvet against a light shirt, or go more goth with a dark tee. The tee, however, needs some restraint – keep it plain.


Leather shoes or boots look terrific with a velvet jacket, the smooth shine of the leather complementing the rich tones of the velvet. If you’re opting for jeans, Chelsea boots are a classic option that won’t compromise the sophistication of the velvet. 

What trousers with a velvet blazer?

Men's Green Velvet Suit with Waistcoat
Your trousers are an essential element of your velvet blazer look. Pairing a velvet blazer with velvet trousers (i.e. a full velvet suit) may not be for everyone, but it really can add a classy touch to a wedding.
Don’t be disheartened if it’s not for you. A suit is by no means essential, and a formal look can be crafted with just a decent pair of cotton or wool trousers, or smart, dark jeans.

As with the cut of a velvet jacket, the tailoring of the trousers is important. A slim cut is flattering, keeping your silhouette in the right proportions.

In short, the key to knowing how to wear a velvet jacket well is the confidence to keep it simple. Unlike Willy Wonka, you don’t need a top hat to set it off. The velvet blazer is a piece that does the heavy lifting for you. Add some class to your wardrobe with our full range here.