What To Wear To A Winter Wedding


What To Wear To A Winter Wedding

Whether you've been invited to a late Autumn ceremony or Yuletide nuptials, when choosing the perfect wedding outfit, there are a few things to consider, such as the dress code and the unpredictable Winter weather.

Here we’ll be sharing styling inspiration and outfit ideas to help you look and feel your best as a Winter wedding guest this year.

Establishing the vibe

Your wedding invitation will likely determine some aspects of your Winter wedding outfit. For example, where the wedding is going to be held. Is it a historic country estate or a chic town hall?

A preferred dress code may also have been included in the invitation, such as black tie. If there isn't a specific dress code stated and you want to avoid wearing anything too out there, you are best approaching the occasion by wearing a classic navy, grey or charcoal suit.

Buying a suit is an investment; therefore, it is important to consider what other uses it may be required for. Timeless colour options such as blue and grey are entirely suitable for all occasions, not just one event.

Rip up the rule book as an evening guest

Mens double breasted pinstripe suit witj roll neck jumper

Model wearing Pinstripe double breasted suit with red roll neck jumper from XPOSED

Suppose you are invited to the evening celebration where the dress code is typically less formal. In that case, you may want to wear something more creative such as a statement blazer, turtle neck and chino combination. Browse our range of velvet blazers for men, tweed blazers, and waistcoats to see how you can mix and match your look with finesse.

Focusing on fabrics and colour

If you are invited to the wedding as a day guest, photo opportunities may take place outside; therefore, you'll need to consider the cooler temperatures and the uncertainty of the elements.

However, this need not be a problem, as the unpredictability of Winter weather lends itself to durable and robust fabrics such as tweed, which looks especially striking in Autumnal rich brown, tan and olive tones. You can also elevate your tweed look one step further by choosing a check or herringbone print for extra interest.

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Sumptuous velvet suits are also an excellent choice for a winter wedding, particularly when worn in Autumn/Winter appropriate rich burgundy and deep navy hues. If you’re unsure about velvet, check out our guide on How to wear a velvet blazer for more inspiration.

Men's 3 piece black velvet wedding suit
Men's 3 piece purple velvet wedding suit
Men's 3 piece maroon velvet wedding suit
Men's 3 piece black velvet wedding suit

Should you wear a coat to a wedding?

Depending on the weather forecast on the day, you may also wish to wear an overcoat as part of your formalwear attire. Ideally, your overcoat will be made of wool for warmth and must be longer in length than your suit jacket.

Amp up your outfit with statement accessories

Winter weddings also lend themselves well to experimenting with your accessories. If you're feeling bold, we recommend styling a plain suit with cleverly curated ties and pocket squares in playful prints and textures such as silk and wool.

You could opt for a standout paisley or floral pattern in a complementary shade to your suit. Alternatively, you could choose a contrasting lapel brooch or a bright sock to add extra interest to your look. The options are endless, and it’s all about finding what works for you.

Storing your suit if you need to travel to the wedding

If you are travelling to a Winter wedding, discover our guide on correctly storing your suit, which covers the best ways to store your formalwear when you travel so that it maintains its shape and looks its best.

Winter weddings are a fantastic opportunity to push your styling further, and we hope this guide has provided some helpful inspiration when dressing for the occasion.