How to style a pinstripe suit

The classic pinstripe style suit is an excellent way to elevate your formalwear look from plain and unassuming to sophisticated and interesting.

A timeless style favoured by everyone from 1920s gangsters to politicians and the Hollywood starlets of the 1940s, did you know that the pinstripe suit actually has roots within the British banking industry? A classic example of form and function, during the Victorian Era, banks used the spacing on pinstripe trousers to identify their employees.

Today, the pinstripe suit remains as popular as ever, with many people calling upon this powerful style for a wide range of formal occasions.

Keep on reading as we share everything there is to know about wearing a pinstripe suit with finesse.

What is a pinstripe suit?

A pinstripe suit features uniform vertical stripes to add an interesting dimension to an otherwise plain fabric. Traditionally each stripe is thin, light in colour and sits on a dark-coloured base such as black, navy or grey.

It must be said that pinstripe suits are not the same as striped suits, such as those that feature thick stripes or double stripes typically worn to the Henley Royal Regatta.

Now that you know what defines a pinstripe suit, let's move on to styling…

Mens pinstripe double breasted suit


How to wear a pinstripe suit for a formal event

An appropriate style for the corporate world, business meetings, weddings and other formal functions, you can call upon a pinstripe suit to look smart, cohesive and contemporary.

A well-fitted pinstripe suit can also make you look taller thanks to the vertical stripes that elongate the arms, legs and torso. Choose from double-breasted orsingle-breasted styles to further lean into your personal style and amp up the formality.

What colour pinstripe suit is best?

Available in timeless shades of navy, grey, black and blue, as well as more creative colours such as maroon and green, which colour suit you choose, will determine how you accessorise around it.

If you’re wearing a black pinstripe suit, choose a crisp, white button-down shirt, a charcoal-coloured tie and black shoes for a truly refined look.

Opt for brown or oxblood shoes and a tonal blue tie if you prefer a blue or navy pinstripe suit. And when wearing a grey pinstripe suit, you can choose from a wide range of block-coloured or patterned ties, as your base colour of grey is more neutral and softer to work with.

We have previously created a guide on choosing the right colour suit, which you may find helpful when considering what colour pinstripe suit to buy.


What kind of shirt should I wear with a pinstripe suit?

When aiming for a sophisticated and refined look, you don't want too much going on. With that said, we recommend teaming your pinstripe suit with a plain white dress shirtto let the stripes be the focal point of your outfit. We generally wouldn’t advise wearing a pinstripe shirt with a pinstripe suit, but if that’s your style and more is more - own it, and we celebrate you!

Can you wear a pinstripe suit to a black tie event?

Typically a black tie event such as a gala dinner calls for a tuxedo or dinner jacket; a pinstripe suit isn’t the right choice for this particular occasion. If you are interested in learning more about the black tie dress code, discover our guide on what to wear to a black tie event.

How to wear a pinstripe suit to a semi-formal event

You may want to wear a pinstripe suit for a semi-formal event; in this instance, you can be somewhat creative and a little more relaxed with your styling. We recommend teaming a dark suit with a turtleneck in the same tone, completing your look with clean, smart pumps or brogues.

What shoes should you wear with a pinstripe suit?

We mentioned a slightly more creative look above. Still, traditionally, for formal occasions, a plain pair of leather shoes such as Oxfords, monk straps, loafers or brogues make the perfect pairing for your pinstripe suit.

The pinstripe suit is a look that will truly never go out of style. And if you’re looking for an excellent quality pinstripe suit, we have a range of styles to create a revered formal look for whatever occasion you have coming up.