How To Choose The Right Colour Suit


Mens in smart check 3 piece suit

When shopping for a new suit, consideration of colour is just as important as the suit's fit and function. The right colour suit can convey a powerful message and is a great way to express your mood or intention.
Our guide to choosing the right colour suit is here to help you pick the right colour suit for your wardrobe based on the message you are trying to convey and the image you want to portray.

Four things to consider when choosing the colour of your suit

1. When will you be wearing your new suit?

Before choosing your suit, you must consider the primary reason for making the purchase. Whether it be for a formal occasion such as needing a tweed suit for a wedding, funeral, or business meeting, the occasion and dress code requirements will guide you towards the appropriate colour options.

The occasion may also dictate the style and material of the suit you purchase. As with any investment purchase, you can also consider how much wear you’ll be able to get out of your suit as this may determine the colour you choose.

2. Take a look inside your wardrobe. What colour suits do you already own?

Before buying a new suit, it is worth auditing your existing formalwear collection. Do you have more than one of the same colour suit? If so, it might be time to try a different colour to ensure your choice and variety in your wardrobe.

3. Choosing a suit to compliment your skin tone

If you want your suit to compliment your skin tone, and make your eyes sparkle and your skin glow, it is worth considering a suit that compliments your skin tone. After all, nobody wants to look sallow and washed out when they want to look their very best.

As a general guide, lighter suits are most complimentary for people with medium and darker skin tones. Likewise, a deep and dark-coloured suit looks most complimentary on fairer skin. You can also consider and work with your skin's natural undertones.

Are you warm-toned or cool-toned?

If you're warm-toned, you will have a yellow undertone, your veins typically greener in appearance. You'll have a lot of warmth to your eyes, skin and hair colour. Yellow gold jewellery may also look best on you.

If you are cool-toned, your skin has a pink undertone, your eyes may be lighter, your veins bluer, and your hair colour may be ashier in tone. Silver or platinum jewellery may look best on you.

We recommend choosing a suit that is in keeping with your natural undertone for a truly cohesive look. For example, a warm olive green suit will truly complement those with deeper, warmer skin tones, and a cool-toned blue suit will flatter those with paler, cool tones in their skin.

There are, however, no hard and fast rules on this and you can choose whatever colour suit you like best that fits the occasion. As long as you feel comfortable, that is all that matters.


4. The psychology of suit colour

Did you know that particular colours signify different meanings? People typically choose a failsafe black, grey or navy suit, but that does not mean you must stick to the status quo. Have you considered selecting a maroon, tweed brown or dark green suit to really make a statement?

Here is some colour psychology that you may wish to refer to when considering your new suit.

 Mens Black double breasted 3 piece suit

Black: Often the suit colour of choice for black tie or more formal occasions, black is a colour associated with formality and power.


Mens blue window pane check suit

Navy: Signifies trust and confidence. Navy is an authoritative colour that portrays a cable character.


Charcoal Grey 3 piece business suit for mens

Grey: A conservative and authoritative colour but also signifies dependability.


Vintage brown tweed mens 3 piece suit

Brown: Associated with integrity and modesty. Earth tones such as brown or tan can make you appear more approachable.


Mens 3 piece green tweed check suit with tan waistcoat

Green: A harmonious colour sparking creativity.


Don't forget to consider your shoes. What colour shoes do you already own? Are you planning to buy new ones to compliment your new suit? Check out our guide on what colour shoes you should wear with your suit for more advice.

We hope you've found this helpful guide regarding what colour suit to choose. Browse our fantastic range of men's suits available at XPOSED London.