The blazer playbook: how to ace your jacket game with panache

Gentlemen, welcome to Blazer 101. This isn’t about how to sling a jacket over your shoulders – it’s an initiation into the craft of curating sartorial brilliance. It’s a manifesto of masculine elegance and a tutorial on tunnelling straight to the core of chic charm. Let’s celebrate the humble blazer, the unspoken hero of your wardrobe.

Ready for a rethink?

There’s a certain alchemy to wearing a blazer. It can be super-formal and dignified, and wears well at the most sober of events. But there’s also a hint of the Oscar Wilde hiding in there, a scandalous wit that’s always being wound up to let loose. Think about it. Do you think anyone won’t want to spend the evening with the guy in the quilted maroon blazer?

Yes, it’s time for the blazer to be thoroughly rehabilitated. Among the various types of blazer that can hang in your wardrobe, here are the key standouts.

The double-breasted dignitary

Definitely one for the smartest gent, this double breasted blazer sits on the throne of formal attire. With rows of parallel buttons and a breezy navy-blue disposition, it’s the perfect partner for your champagne toasts at high-brow evening galas.

The single-breasted sidekick

Slim, dapper and versatile, this blazer is the jack-of-all-trades, bridging the gap between formal and casual. A solid single-breasted blazer is that old friend who never lets you down, always ready to accompany you to any occasion, anytime.

The unstructured underdog

As the name suggests, this blazer is all about casual Friday vibes. Made with lighter fabrics and without the padding and lining, it’s the fashionable rebel that screams relaxation and comfort, yet maintaining motivation.

Now that we know the players, let’s learn the game.

Mastering the blazer

For formal affairs, your blazer demands respect and sophistication. Pair it with sleek dress shirts, preferably in white or light pastel shades, ensuring the shirt complements rather than competes with the blazer. On the bottom, opt for tailored trousers. If you’re feeling particularly James Bond-esque, tuxedo pants do the trick, especially when your evening involves Cabernet and cards.

Style tip: Add a classic tie or bowtie in rich silk with a pocket square for extra style points. And remember – the goal is to look as if you stepped straight out of your tailor’s shop after an urgent call from HQ.

As for the casual rendezvous, let your creativity set sail. A blazer is still your best mate. Wear it over polos, crew neck sweaters, or even a graphic tee (try it – you’ll see what we mean). Combine London swank with Brooklyn swagger, and don loose chinos, jeans or even well-tailored shorts for those sun-kissed Sunday brunches. 

Style tip: A dashing pair of loafers (socks are optional, but these days that usually means getting your ankles out) or your favourite white trainers. Whatever you opt for, it gives you a casual, breezy finish. Stay chic yet chilled, just like your favourite IPA.

In the end, wearing a blazer is an attitude. Worn without panache, it can easily veer into cliche territory: the golf club bore delivering political sermons when you just want a pint; some buffoon in the FA who wants to ban goal celebrations; maybe even the school bully. But turn it on, and all those negatives evaporate like someone’s clicked their fingers and made the blazer the most achingly chill garment ever to grace the male form.

Look at the blazer with fresh eyes and you start to appreciate its loose formality, and how open to interpretation it is. Square your shoulders as you stride into the world with a blazer cocooning you in its chic embrace. Every day is an affair to remember, every street a catwalk, and with a blazer on, you’re on the guest list for the sartorial hall of fame.

Which blazer are you dying to be seen in?