How To Choose The Right Waistcoat

You can count on a waistcoat to elevate any formalwear outfit. Depending on the occasion and your personal style, you can choose from the various styles available, including the more formal double-breasted waistcoat, quirky horseshoe design or classic single-breasted.

If you’re wondering how to choose a suitable waistcoat for your wardrobe, then you’ve come to the right place as here at XPOSED London, we know a thing or two about them.

We have previously looked at The Different Kinds Of Waistcoats, and here we’ll share with you how to choose a suitable waistcoat for a stylish and cohesive formal look.

How To Choose The Right Waistcoat

Grey Herringbone Waistcoat for Men

Single-breasted waistcoats are the most popular style and feature a pointed edge at the bottom which is flattering on the torso.

Double-breasted waistcoats are a more formal style that feature two rows of parallel buttons. Double-breasted waistcoats have a straight edge bottom in comparison to the pointed edge of the single-breasted design.

Mens Scoop Low cut double breasted waistcoat in Racing Green Velvet

The horseshoe waistcoat is a formal option traditionally worn with a dinnersuit. The opening is much deeper, in a U shape and offers a vintage aesthetic.

When you have chosen the style you like best, you can go ahead and consider if you’d like a patterned waistcoat and if you want it to compliment your suit in a tonal or like for like shade.

Should my waistcoat match my suit?

You can be creative with a different colour waistcoat to your suit; however, as a rule of thumb, it should always match the same fabric as your suit to avoid a jarring look. For example, if you are wearing a tweed suit or a velvet suit, stick with that fabric for your waistcoat.

 A waistcoat is designed to be worn as a complementary asset to your suit, and as such, a matte wool suit with a shiny satin waistcoat doesn’t make for a cohesive and contemporary look.

Should my waistcoat match my trousers?

Men's Brown Tweed Check Waistcoat and Trousers

If you are wearing your waistcoat as part of a three-piece suit ensemble or as a statement piece on its own, it should always match your trousers in colour and fabric for a sense of uniformity.

Waistcoat Sizing - How to find the right size

Your waistcoat should be form-fitting and is intended to sit close to your body. You want to feel comfortable and should be able to button up easily. Don’t forget, if you are wearing a single-breasted waistcoat, always leave the bottom button undone.

Likewise, there is a possibility that your waistcoat is too big. You don’t want it to hang off your shoulders and look baggy if it is simply too large. The shoulders of your waistcoat should sit flat against your body.

The perfect size should be comfortable to wear, reach your waist and cover your waistband. You can also use the adjuster at the back or sides if you need to make some minor changes to the fit.

Which accessories should you wear with a waistcoat?

Whether your preference is to accessorise your waistcoat with a pocket watch for an authentic vintage aesthetic or to choose a tie or bow tie, this can really help make it a focal point and bring your entire look together.

Ensure that your accessories work in harmony with the fabric, colour and pattern of your waistcoat to truly streamline your look.