A Gentleman’s Guide to Dressing for a Christmas Party

Ah, the festive season is upon us, and with it comes the thrill of Christmas parties. As stylish men, we can grasp this opportunity to showcase our sartorial finesse and charm with a well-crafted ensemble. However, let’s be clear from the get-go – this isn't an excuse to don a gaudy Christmas sweater; we shall channel our inner style gods instead. So, prepare to embrace elegance, sophistication, and a killer Christmas party look that will leave everyone in awe.

The Art of Seasonal Suiting

So now we know what’s at stake here, it’s time to unleash your secret weapon – suits. A sophisticated suit has the power to transform any man into a dapper powerhouse. 

Opt for a classic black or navy suit to exude timeless refinement whether you’re catching up with your widely spread family or being the life and soul of the office party. And as it’s the season of style, warmth and glamour, don’t forget those special details like tie pins and braces.

mens smart navy tweed check 3 piece suit

Need more seasonal pointers? Consider these style ideas:

  • Classic plaid: Embrace the timeless appeal of plaid with a Christmas suit in a traditional red and green colour scheme. Choose a well-tailored suit in a slim fit and pair it with a solid white shirt. Finish the look with a sleek tie or bowtie in a coordinating colour.
  • Winter wonderland: Channel icy elegance by opting for a Christmas suit in shades of frosty blue, perhaps with silver highlights. Look for a suit with a subtle shimmer or textured fabric to add a touch of holiday magic. Pair it with a light blue or white shirt and accessorise with a metallic or white tie.
  • Festive velvet: Add a touch of luxury to your Christmas suit with a velvet fabric. Opt for a deep burgundy or emerald green suit that exudes opulence. Pair it with a contrasting shirt in white or ivory to create a striking effect. Complete the look with a sleek black tie.
  • Dashing red: Bring out your inner Santa Claus with a bold, all-red Christmas suit. This bold statement piece will turn heads and make you the centre of attention. Pair it with a white shirt and black tie to create a sophisticated contrast.
  • Subtle touches: If you prefer a more understated approach, incorporate festive accents into your suit. Look for a classic charcoal or navy suit and add subtle holiday details, such as a pocket square with a discreet Christmas motif or cufflinks with a hint of seasonal charm. This way, you can maintain a polished look while embracing the festive spirit.

Out-blaze the Festive Fireplace 

If you’re feeling adventurous, try a sharp velvet blazer to bring some Christmas spirit into your wardrobe. Remember, fitting is crucial, so measure up carefully before ordering. You can wear it over a shirt, with or without a tie, but a roll-neck sweater also looks fabulous with a blazer.

If you haven’t donned a blazer since your school days, listen to some smart advice about styling and pairing – things might well have changed. Blazers can be stolid and formal, sure. But they are also the perfect antidote to stuffiness within the formal bounds of the tailored jacket. If you’re in any doubt, check out the dazzling world of party blazers – outgoing, bursting with colour and guaranteed to make you stand out.


mens gold floral brocade paisley maroon jacket


What Lies Beneath

We’re talking here about what’s underneath that suave suit or blazer. A crisp white shirt is a no-brainer, but feel free to experiment with subtle festive patterns like holly leaves or snowflakes. You can remain on the right side of stylishness as long as the patterns are understated. Try to find colours that pick out the suit’s signature hue, or one of the colours in a tweed, check or pinstripe number.

And please, gentlemen, let’s not forget to iron out those creases. We want to impress, not resemble a crumpled present. And no, that doesn't mean just doing the bit at the front, even if you are busy basting the turkey.

Men's emerald green velvet jacket waistcoat trouser suit


Accessorise with Flair

Give your outfit that extra oomph with the right accessories. A festive tie or bowtie in a rich colour like burgundy or emerald green can add that touch of merry cheer without veering into tacky territory.

Don’t forget to shine those shoes – for a formal soirée, opt for polished black or embrace the holiday spirit with a sleek maroon pair. And hey, a pocket square with a discreet holiday motif might just earn you some extra points on Santa’s nice list!

mens knitted red white neck tie

The Devil is in the Detail

When it comes to Christmas parties, the little details make all the difference. Choose a watch that matches your suit’s elegance, perhaps one with a hint of silver or gold – a merry nod to the season without going full-on Santa’s workshop.

And should you opt for a buttoned-up look, consider a stylish lapel pin for that subtle touch of yuletide charm. It could be a miniature sprig of mistletoe, a seasonal flower or a discreet snowflake – let your imagination roam within the realm of good taste.

The Finishing Touch

To wrap up your impeccable Christmas party look, spritz on a fragrance that complements the occasion. Go for warm, woody scents or spicy notes that evoke the essence of winter. Remember, gentlemen, a good scent leaves a lasting impression, so choose wisely and try to keep away from summery florals as they’ll probably seem out of place.

Fun Doesn’t have to be Funny

Now that you've unwrapped the secrets to a refined Christmas party look, it’s time to hit the town with confidence and style. Remember, this isn’t about donning a silly Christmas jumper or feeling overdressed – it’s about embracing the festive spirit while maintaining your suave factor.

So, suit up, accessorise with flair, and let your impeccable taste shine through. And with these tips in your style arsenal, you’ll be the most debonair gentleman at any Christmas party. Here’s to a season filled with good cheer and excellent taste.